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Välkommen till Den Döende Dandyn!

(In english that would be: Welcome to The Dying Dandy)

This was a SF-campaign that started out using the FATE Core ruleset adapted to a somewhat hard space opera setting, then moved over to a modified version of the beta rules for Coriolis by Fria Ligan (English), and finally in it’s third incarnation used the Savage Worlds. Feel free to take a look around but be warned, there are lots of pages in Swedish ahead…

The campaign is finished, but if you still want to familiarise yourself with the universe, the physics of Super c travel and the perils of subspace can be a good place to start. A few political entities have been considered. The Briginskish Conglomerat for instance, whose interference led to the destruction of The Free Sphere by The Peoples Utopia of Seshat.

Home Page

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